Gender and Law

Critical Praise for Gender and Law in the Hebrew Bible

and the Ancient Near East

“The important insights into the impact of gender on law offered by this book will be of interest for a broad range of scholars from a variety of disciplines: law, gender studies,

biblical studies and history.”

—S. Van Den Eynde, Heythrop Journal 41 (2000): 327–29

“These ten essays on issues of gender and law greatly add to the discussion which has increasingly come under consideration this past decade. . . . There is much in this collection of essays to challenge and stimulate its readers.”

—Rivkah Harris, Journal of Law and Religion 17 (2002): 369–74

“This collection has much material of interest for the interpretation of legal texts in the Pentateuch and gender issues related to them.”

—Richard S. Hess, Denver Journal 1 (1998)

“Each of the papers strives to demonstrate the essential role of Israelite and Near Eastern law in the historical analysis of gender.”

—Gary N. Knoppers, Review of Biblical Literature (2001)

“The ten articles in this volume draw upon a number of diverse methodologies and disciplines.”

—Tammi J. Schneider, Religious Studies Review 26 (2000): 368

“The essays in this volume represent two complementary ideas: the insight of Stanton that biblical law enforces and reinscribes degradation of women, and the possibility that the same Bible offers a corrective to that situation.”

—Barbara Green, Catholic Biblical Quarterly 61 (1999): 820–21

“. . . [eine] wichtige Aufsatzsammlung.”

—Matthias Köckert, Zeitschrift für die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft 113 (2001): 299–300